Reducing maintenance process downtime by automating smart visual identification of mechanical spare parts

Joined HANGAR: 2018

Mechanical part identification is a significant difficulty in industrial maintenance and logistics, generating a substantial amount of downtime. During the scheduled process of reviewing a commercial aircraft, for instance, about a day is lost identifying of the various elements.

Pzartech’s visual recognition solution, encompassing image processing and deep learning technologies, enables maintenance operators to receive information regarding the mechanical parts they are working on using smartphone and tablet cameras. Once the part is recognized by the software, it can also trigger actions by its integrated services, rendering the cumbersome process of identifying complex mechanical equipment quick and smart.

“HANGAR was a critical experience for our company, pushing us to take our technology to the maturity level required by the aerospace market.


The HANGAR team and IAI technicians were remarkably supportive and provided us with all the resources we need in order to succeed.


I would advise any company interested in the civilian aerospace market to look into joining HANGAR.”

(Jeremie Brabet-Adonajlo, CEO)

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