Our Program
HANGAR tailors a unique acceleration program for each startup company we invite to join our hub. The program is designed to provide your startup company with everything it needs to launch a pilot for the aerospace industry. The program lasts between 3-6 months.

Stage 1 – Setting the Ground for a Fruitful Partnership 

First, we will create the infrastructure for our technological and business cooperation.

  • We will assign a dedicated project manager from the HANGAR team, who will act as your consultant, mentor and facilitator in the world of commercial aviation. 

  • Aviation Group will assign an operational unit corresponding with your technology as well as a designated point of contact, which will communicate with your team and share his or her expertise and professional knowledge.

Work will take place alternately at your company facilities or at one of Aviation Group’s workshops, according to the program’s requirement and the need for field testing. 


Stage 2 – The Road to Certification 
Certifying your aerospace product (with the FAA, EASA, CAII and other aviation authorities) should be planned as early as possible in the development process. This will allow you to design your product to comply with the certification specifications from the get go, saving your company expensive time and resources.  

  • Together we will determine whether your product requires certification and if so, which type of certification will best suit it and enable the fastest Time to Market.  

  • We will guide and accompany you in dealing with certification authorities throughout the product’s life. 

Stage 3 – Our Playground Is Your Playground 
This is where you get to benefit from HANGAR’s global network of commercial aviation resources and connections. Based on your company’s profile and requirements, you may be offered any of the following.

  • Access to Aviation Group’s facilities in Israel and worldwide, providing you with an affordable technological playground close to home (including a fully certified experimental aircraft).

  • Introductions and referrals to potential partners, customers, and investors from our professional network. Our global reach expands over 180 global customers including ATSG, DHL, GE Aviation, Atlas Air, Alaska Airlines and other key players in the commercial aerospace industry.

  • Utilizing our marketing, sales and PR resources and connections.

  • Direct and indirect funding, based on achieving the milestones and deliverables defined in your program. Indirect funding may include sponsoring your participation in global conventions and expert panels, covering PR and marketing expenses for public appearances, paying Aviation Group’s fees and more.

The Recruitment Process 
HANGAR’s candidate evaluation process takes about 6 months from beginning to end and includes the following steps.

  1. A startup company with relevant technology approaches or is approached by HANGAR. 

  2. In cases HANGAR did not initiate the process, we will conduct an initial screening.

  3. On our first meeting, we will discuss your technology and profile as well as possible opportunities for cooperation in the commercial aviation domain. We will also present any questions we might have regarding your company and technology. 

  4. At this point, HANGAR will decide whether we continue to the next stage. 

  5. On our second meeting, we will be joined by members of Aviation Group’s operational unit corresponding with your technological field, in order to explore the feasibility and mutual benefits to be gained.

  6. HANGAR will reevaluate the partnership and determine whether to design an acceleration program for your company.

  7. We will meet to establish a work plan that benefits both parties. The plan will include deliverables, by which the technology is evaluated, as well as milestones defining its progress. 

  8. We will now discuss the business terms of our agreement. 

  9. HANGAR's steering committee will now discuss approving the project.

  10. The contract is signed, our work can begin!



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