The Opportunity

HANGAR is the startup's innovation lab of Aviation Group, the commercial aviation arm of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Estimated at 4 billion USD, IAI is Israel's prime aerospace and aviation manufacturer.
Soon to enter its seventh decade, IAI produces aerial and space systems for both military and commercial use and employs over 15000 people.
Established in 2017, HANGAR is dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the commercial aviation industry. Dictated by Aviation Group’s lines of business, HANGAR focuses on MRO, connected-cargo, executive jets, supply chain, and P2F technologies.
We invite Industry 4.0 startup companies preferably companies that completed their A series round and have reached a TRL level of at least 4 to join our innovation hub.
Here we tailor a customized acceleration program for each company, based on its technology’s applications to the world of commercial aviation. Unlike common accelerators, we work together with our startups, in order to benefit them, ourselves and future customers.


If You Have the Right Technology, We'll Make It Fly

our challenges

Giving the Fourth Industrial Revolution Wings​
HANGAR pursues Industry 4.0 technologies that can transform commercial aerospace into a data-driven and semi-automated industry.
We are interested in big data and analytics, IIoT, additive manufacturing and other technologies that can optimize Connected Cargo and Connection (C3) and smart Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solutions.
Our goal is to enable aviation companies smart MRO processes as well as a short TAT (turn Around Time) on the one hand. On the other, we allow airlines, freight forwarders and lesors to convert outdated aircraft fleets into fully regulated “Smart Cargo Birds”, adding value to their supply chains.
We scout startups as well as accept applications to join our hub. Our program utilizes Aviation Group’s resources in Israel, providing local startups the advantages of accessing top of the line facilities close to home.
We seek Industry 4.0 startup companies to which we can serve as a gateway to the aerospace industry. The technologies we are interested in include supply chain and logistics, condition analysis, predictive maintenance, supply chain, visual recognition, IIoT, AR/VR, big data and data analytics and more.

The Benefits

FAA Certification

The Benefits

With HANAGR’s Win-Win Business Model You Get
Technology Mentoring
Global Reach
Physical Infrastructure
Internetional Network
Fundings for POC
HANGAR offers an extensive on-deck development phases, supported by a dedicated team of engineers, experienced program managers, certification experts, business development processes, marketing and other aviation professionals.
In Return We Take
No Equity
No I.P
Our primary interest is in cooperation and technological synergies that will allow your company, IAI and its customers to benefit from our partnership.

The process

HANGAR tailors a unique acceleration program for each startup company, we invite to join our hub.

The program is designed to provide your startup company with everything it needs to launch a pilot for the aerospace industry. The program lasts between 3-6 months.

The program

Stage 1 – Setting the Ground for a Fruitful Partnership
First, we will create the infrastructure for our technological and business cooperation.
We will jointly create a detailed program which will enable you a quick and successful POC
Stage 2 The Road to Certification.
Certifying your aerospace product should be planned as early as possible in the development process.
This will allow you to design your product to comply with the certification specifications from the get go, saving your company expensive time and resources.
Stage 3 – Our Playground Is Your Playground
This is where you get to benefit from HANGAR’s global network of commercial aviation resources and connections.
Based on your company’s profile and requirements, you may be offered any of the following.


HANGAR – Israel's Commercial Aviation Innovation Hub

HANGAR creates partnerships. We utilize our experience, knowledge, and resources to help startup companies adapt their technology to the world of commercial aviation.


From strategizing the plan for creating of your technology to introducing you to the right people in the commercial aerospace industry, we will guide, back and assist you in the best way possible, to ensure our mutual success.

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