Building a global Internet of Shipping Containers infrastructure, where every shipping container or box is connected and interactive

Joined HANGAR: 2018

Today’s shipping companies manage vast, expensive stocks of containers using antiquated systems and data. Throughout the logistics chain, lack of visibility, security and data incurs great inefficiency and tremendous financial losses.

Loginno's supply chain visibility software utilizes big data and IoT technologies to mine data in real-time, allowing cargo owners, logistics carriers, insurance companies, customs authorities and homeland security agencies around the world to make real-time data-driven decisions.

Loggino’s tracking management system includes out of the box tracking devices, central multi-platform monitoring software with optional Artificial Intelligence capabilities and an API for integrating with existing systems. This scalable solution enables enterprises to optimize processes across the board and potentially save billions of Dollars.

“ As a marine technology company, getting into the lucrative air freight business is not trivial.


The barriers are tall and the industry is tough on newcomers.


However, we are fortunate to partner with HANGAR.

With our technological expertise and Aviation Group’s strong position in the air logistics market, we are able to make a smooth landing and instantly gain major competitive advantages.


On top of it all, IAI's no-equity deal is one of the best offers in the business! I fully recommend any startup with relevant technology to join HANGAR. ״ 

 ( Shachar Tal, CEO) Pzartech Ltd.)

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