Creating a Mobile Workflow Engine promoting a smart, safe and paperless work environment


Joined HANGAR: 2018

The software provides aviation line maintenance crews with digital, interactive, step by step check protocols. This allows technicians to enhance efficiency, prevent human errors and flight delays and save valuable time.

Bio-Nexus developed a Mobile Workflow Engine, which excels at streamlining complex processes and protocols. Their product for the aerospace sector is an end to end aeronautics maintenance management and preflight preparation solution.

In today’s intricate industrial environments, carrying out complex processes involving numerous steps and participants, such as aircraft fleet maintenance protocols, may lead to human errors and long turnaround times, both of which cost dearly.
Real time data collection provides Multi Crew Coordination supervisors with valuable capabilities and insights. Optimized protocols, reduced risks and added sustainability empowers organizations to completely transform their work environments

“ By joining HANGAR we gained a rare opportunity to run comprehensive testing scenarios and a Proof of Concept (POC) in a real-life large scale aviation maintenance operational environment” 

 (Ztiki Fuchs, CEO)

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