Integrating robotics into 3d printing to automate small series production at a significantly reduced cost

Joined HANGAR: 2018

The production of large custom or short run industrial products is labor-intensive, inefficient, inflexible and expensive. Relying mainly on expert manual labor, this process is severely constrained by the availability of skilled manufacturing workers needed to meet the growing market demand.


Manufacturers are often driven to avoid customizing their designs, opting to use generic standard parts instead, in order to avoid this overburdening process altogether. The aerospace industry is just one of those that suffer from the lack of automated solutions.

Largix’s Large Production Platform (LPP) is a robotic 3D printing solution that allows manufacturers to produce custom made parts on-demand in a fast, cost-effective, fully automated process.


LPP incorporates standard industrial materials, currently unused in common 3D printing solutions, such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene.


With HANGAR’s help, Largix aims to revolutionize the aerospace industry, providing it with a fully commercialized, economically-viable, fast time to market additive manufacturing of functional parts

“The knowledge, experience, and capabilities of HANGAR and IAI help us develop our technology and adapt it to the needs of the aerospace sector. They pushed us to adopt dedicated raw materials that are compatible with our technology and approved by the aerospace sector.


HANGAR and IAI’s ability to certify the technology in accordance with FAA regulation will help our company shorten the R&D lead time. On top of all that, HANGAR also opens the doors leading to commercial partnerships with global aerospace companies.” 

 ( Amir Sheelo, VP Marketing and BD).

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