Powering wireless electronics using dye-based printed photovoltaic cells, rendering them maintenance-free while protecting the environment 

Joined HANGAR: 2018

Billions of wireless devices and sensors are operating around the world these days, most of which use perishable batteries that are both harmful to the environment and expensive to replace. Cost increases significantly when dealing with devices in hard to reach locations. Standard photovoltaic (PV) technologies are not well-suited to wireless and IoT indoor

applications, since silicon solar
cells perform poorly under low-light conditions.

3GSolar Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) is the lowest-cost high-efficiency PV technology for wireless electronics under indoor and other low-light conditions. 3GSolar DSC can be sized, colored and shaped to fit

the electronic device, to ensure aesthetic integration. Once integrated, 3GSolar DSC eliminates the economic and ecological costs attributed with replacing and disposing of batteries.

3GSolar and HANGAR are cooperating in order to equip Flying IoT devices used in cargo aircraft with a renewable energy resource, eliminating the need to change batteries or connect them to the aircraft electric power system.

“ In the cargo world, there is a growing need for full location and environmental monitoring of individual cargo packages.


Working with HANGAR enables 3GSolar to enter the aerospace market accompanied by a global leading player, in order to become the go-to solution for maintenance-free wireless electronics, IoT infrastructure, and tracking and monitoring devices ״

  ( Barry Green, CEO).

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